Our Process

Stage One

Stage 1 - Survey

The process begins with a site survey where I will introduce myself and begin to assess the existing conservatory, access, parking and checking any scaffolding requirements.

Stage 2 - Quote

Following our site survey, you will receive a quotation usually sent by text or email and typically with a day or so of the survey.

Scaffolding Errected

Stage 3 - Scaffolding

Assuming that you have given us the green light after receiving our quote, we will attend on the pre-agreed date and proceed to erect the scaffolding required for the project.

Deconstruct Existing Roof

Stage 4 - De-Construct Roof

The first stage of the building process is to take down the existing conservatory roof which we will then take to the recycling site.

Erected Timbers

Stage 5 - Erect Timber

Our joiner will attend and construct the timber structure on top of the existing conservatory frame to support the new tiled roof.

Stage 6 - Felt & Guttering

Usually by around 2-3pm on the first day we will have installed the roofing felt and guttering and we lathe the roof ensuring a watertight seal over night in preparation for the roof tiles being fitted the next day.

Roof Tiled

Stage 7 - Roof Tiled

On the second day we spend the majority of the time installing the roof tiles over the timber structure. We also install the lead flashings and ridge tiles which completes the exterior work on your conservatory roof.

First Fix Electrical

Stage 8 - Electrical

Following the completion of all the exterior work, our electrician will attend and first fix all the required electrical cables required for items such as spotlights etc.


Stage 9 - Plastering

Once the electrical work is first fixed the plasterer will come fix the plasterboard and skim the celling. He will also take care of the insulation which we install to ensure your conservatory roof doesn’t lose any internal heat.

2nd Fix Electrical

Stage 10 - 2nd Fix Electrical

When the plaster has had time to dry, the electrician will return and install the required lighting such LED spot lights etc.


Stage 11 - Take Down Scaffolding

Our scaffolder usually returns towards the end of the project and removes all the scaffolding ensuring there is no mess left behind.


Stage 12 - Completion

Finally, after around a week of various trades attending the project, you will be left with a usable room all year round giving you additional space when needed.

All we ask after every job is permission to use photographs of your new conservatory roof and for you to leave us feedback on our Facebook or Google profiles.